An Immaculate Remington Portable 5 with maths symbols !

 I got this typewriter earlier today!   

Please take a look at this wonderful machine made in USA in the 40s. (Serial Nr: V693214).  

Despite its compact look, it's sturdy and well-engineered just like a full-sized standard machine.  I like the strong spring-y feels of Remington portables. The platen is still OK and so are the feed rollers.  One biggest concern of Pre-50 machines is the degradation of rubber and thank god, this machine doesn't seem to have that problem. Enamal and paint remain intact. (There are some chip-offs though)  

What makes this machine so special is the maths symbols. I'd imagine that its first owner is a science professor coz he/she takes good care of this writing tools. 


  1. Congratulations on your great find! You have a very nice typewriter, and to find one with the math symbols is really special.

    1. Thank you Bill.. I love your fountain pens,too!

  2. Remington model names are confusing. This does not look like the Model Five I know, more like the early portables, but nevertheless a very interesting model, no matter what they called it. Good score!