Imported,manual typewriters in Shanghai between 80's and 90's. (Part II)

Then, the poor brothers from further lands. As one can easily summarize, these brothers are from the former USSR/socialist country camp.

From Bulgaria

Predom from Poland 
Hermes from Hungary

From Amigo Mexico and Brazil

These desktops are from Brazil and were widely used in trade firms.

I believe this model was also made in Brazil. 

The following are the genuine Rovers made by IMC Italy. They are not some shoddy products of Weilv Mechanical Factory


  1. So many typewriters that look the same as the ones made in Germany and Italy. Do you have a comparison of how the Brazilian and Mexican ones type as to the German and Italian ones. From what I have read some Russian made typewriters type nicely and others not as good. I have none from those countries. Which do you find nicest to use?

    1. Hi Bill, Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      Actually I don't own these typewriters, they are just images I found on Chinese shopping websites. So I cannot tell which one is better.

      But as an ardent fan of German technology, I do believe those made in Germany are the best. However, it's unfair to compare because, companies in Brazil and Mexico took over equipment from Germany where these machines were first produced two decades earlier. And that twenty years was enough to allow Brazilians and Mexicans to refine craftsmanship thanks to technological progress.