foreign typewriters once sold in Shanghai during colonial times

See what I've found in China Press newspapers. China Press was published by American in Shanghai during 1911-1949.  As we can see, China imported most typewriters from Germany and U.S.  These papers are now owned by  Zi-ca-wei Bibliotheca. Outside the library, is the Xujiahui Cathedral. Western missionaries also built an orphanage beside the church. 

the Church in 1950s 

the Zicawei Bibliotheca in 1920s

outside the bibliotheca

the church in 1980s

The China Press

the Corona once used by Li Daazhao, a communist revolutionary in 1910s. 

inside the church now

the church at night


the Bibliotheca 


  1. thank you for this interesting report!

  2. A fascinating place. Thanks for sharing the photos and ads.

  3. An Underwood 'Quiet'? I've never heard of such a thing. Loved the photos of the church though. And that Corona is pretty cool. I would be surprised to come across one of those somewhere in China. I wonder how many made it there?