DIY Underwood Decal

My favorite typer at this moment, maybe for a long time in future, is this 1958 Underwood Golden Touch.   There's a special connection between me and this well-engineered machine. 

It is arguably the BEST typewriter that has ever been made.  

But I think something is missing.  What is it? Maybe some decal on the paper support?  The only other Golden Touch I saw on typewriterdatabase.com doesn't have it either. Nor do Underwood typewriters of same model on ebay I saw from time to time.  

Still, nothing prevents me from doing something to demonstrate my love of it and my admiration for US engineering/design. 

I found a Canadian made Underwood online. And its decal design looks original. So I asked a friend, who is a graphic designer at L'OReal, for help. 

And the sticker came in earlier today. 

Now this great American typewriter seems COMPLETE to me.