Unknown Model of Remington Standard

I saw this Remington desktop typewriter on ebay earlier this morning.   As I recollect, the very first typewriter I saw on an American TV soap opera as a kid back in 80s is very similar to this.  So to some extent, it is a perfect example of what an ideal typewriter should look like.    Unfortunately I cannot find any information about its exact model, either in the post or on typewriterdatabase.com.  Any fellow typospherians have any idea of what exact model it is? 

The seller asks for $99 which is a reasonable offer, but he also says that "the carriage needs a little help" as it cannot advance on its own. 😂😂   I'm not sure if the issue is only a broken drawband, which I can fix, but I'm afraid maybe that "little help" means something else is broken or missing. That is beyond me. 


  1. Very nice looking typewriter. If this is a local sale, and you could test the machine, you could check the mainspring and draw band. If the draw band is off winding the drum counter clockwise should build tension to ensure the spring is good. Testing the escapement is easily done by pressing on the right of the carriage and as you press keys with your left hand the carriage should advance normally.

  2. This is an early Model 17.

  3. Great typewriter. Heavy, so it is easily damaged in shipping.

    1. Yes and I cannot afford another broken typewriter or a broken heart thereof

  4. Here are some views of my no. 17: https://writingball.blogspot.com/2018/03/report-from-remington-17.html