Imperial No. 7 with RARE Typeface Emerald

Earlier today, I got this little machine I bought from ebay almost 2 months ago.  Thank you Covid-19! 

I'm not a fan of small typewriters. For some mysterious reason, I prefer big desktop machines.  However, this one caught my attention. It has a super rare typeface called Emerald and figures Corres according to the original sales document that comes along. 

I found that Europeans, British in particular, prefer tiny little typefaces for their typewriters. I have another Imperial No. 5 that has very small typeface and the scale on the carriage goes up to 120, which is very interesting. The vast majority of Chinese typewriters, Flying Fish, Hero just to name a few, have PICA typeface, which is very boring. So typewriters with rare typefaces do catch my attention, this one in particular, as I have never heard about Emerald typeface. 

The typewriter is good. It has an elegant design, but it doesn't have a snappy feel when typed on. I find it very annoying is that the whole keyboard sank/wobbles when I hit the keys. Same problem with my Imperial 5. 

Again, packaging.....despite my repeated request the importance of sufficient packaging, the seller ignored it anyway--four layers of bubble foam and an used cardbox. The result?  The carriage return lever was somehow displaced.  By sheer luck, I managed to fix the problem, but what if some major breakdowns? Ugghhh...I can't imagine. 

Hope you guys enjoyed it. 


  1. Lovely typeface. I'm glad the typewriter wasn't seriously damaged.

    1. Thank God, it wasn't! but maybe next time, I won't be that lucky.