The Flying Fish family

Two years ago,I bought this Flying Fish Model PSQ from taobao, China's equivalent of ebay for RMB 220 ( approx. 32 US dollars)  According to the original receipt that comes with it, this ultraportable typewriter was produced in 1977.  The dimension is 29.5*29.5*7.8cm. 

This model was later rebranded as Hero model 110 or KOFA 100 (hence the mysterious 100). Design-wise, the machine is essentially an Adler tippa (1950s model) for its body and Olympia Splendid its carriage. So it's fair to say that these small-framed machines have German blood and, when being typed on, feels like one too. The green bilingual label on its back rail shows that this particular machine was built for export therefore its quality is guaranteed.  I won't say they are the best, alignment is not always desirable, but they are what China can offer to the typewriter world back at that time.  It's fair to say, they are not bad. 

Shanghai in 1980s

Unlike almost every typewriter made since mid-1980s in China, earlier portables are more likely have Elite typeface 12 inch.  Alignment on this machine isn't bad. Also worth-mentioning is that earlier models uses vinyl bags just like most of its western counterparts back at that time, such as Olympia splendid . However, portables made since early-mid 1980s come in plastic bags. Early models are greyish blue, red and white, but mostly red. 

The following is an ad for the Flying Fish series.  It is in English, another proof that these typewriters are built for the international market. 

The original manual of the typewriter. 

Just in case you don't know how to use this machine 😂😂

Thank you for reading.  Hope you enjoyed it.